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We are here to provide the laborforce, equipment, machinery, service and technology power required for the full benefit of the municipal services of the people of Ankara.


We work with our ideal of being an exemplary institution based on human and environment, high service quality, open to continuous development, and realize firsts with our technology and clean energy projects that will change the future of the city positively.

Main Targets

  • Leading in Energy and Environment-Oriented Recycling Projects
  • To be a pioneer in technological projects by cooperating with universities
  • To be a pioneer in the development of projects for Ankara through international cooperation


As BELKA Inc., we share our values that make us what we can never change and with our country, especially the people of Ankara. With each value you will read below, we give direction to all the works we do and do.

  • Transparency: We believe in the importance of accountability and choose to work honestly.
  • Respect for Human, Objectivity and Tolerance: Respect for people is essential in the conduct of services. Tolerance is shown in human relations. BELKA Inc. under the roof of religion, language, gender, race, sectarian regardless of the separation of all employees work together to serve the people of Ankara. It is treated impartially in the planning, delivery and employment of services.
  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainability: Stability, continuity and long-term solutions are considered. In all planned projects, environmental awareness and benefit to future generations are taken into consideration.
  • Future Oriented: The current technological and social developments in the world are followed closely and action is taken to ensure that the people of Ankara benefit from these developments in the fastest way.
  • Corporateness: Planning is made with the priority of making all sub-systems under the umbrella of the Company independent of individuals, eliminating wastes and continuously improving process management.
  • Technology Oriented: Energy, Environment and Social Responsibility Projects for Ankara are developed through national and international collaborations, NGOs and University collaborations.

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