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Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş was born in 1955 in Beypazari and completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Beypazari. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1983.

After completing his military service as a military prosecutor, Yavaş worked as a self-employed lawyer in Beypazari for 13 years.

Yavaş worked as a municipal councilor between 1989-1994. In 1994, he became a candidate for mayor of Beypazari. In 1999, he won the municipal elections with 51 percent of the vote and became Mayor of Beypazari. In the 18 April 2004 elections, he was elected as the Mayor of Beypazari with a 55 percent increase for the second time.

In the local elections of March 29, 2009, he attracted attention with 27 percent of the votes he received as the candidate for the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. In the 2014 Local Elections, Yavaş was a candidate for the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality from the Republican People’s Party.

President Yavaş, who received the honorary award from the Turkish Language Association for his efforts to protect Turkish, was named TÜ Mayor of the Year TÜ by TÜSİAV on 24 September 2004.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who is also known as the architect of the p Beypazarı Model ıyla with the understanding of bel social municipality dı implemented with the support of universities, people and non-governmental organizations, has been selected as the president of Beypazari for the second time after international festivals, feasts, building restorations and accommodation capacity increase. With the introduction of local delicacies, it contributed to Beypazari and Başkent in terms of tourism and provided sustainable employment in the region.

Mansur Yavaş, who was elected as the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality with a great success rate of 50.93% in the 31 March 2019 local elections, is married and has two children.

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