Targets and Objectives

Projects 1

BELKA Inc., which aims to serve Ankara and continues its activities, sets its new targets with its visionary perspective that can see the needs of the future and its structure open to development.

This priority among the goals, the project will fit in with the peace of the people of our country to the capital, it is the health and realize the ideal of a better city to leave to future generations.

BELKA Inc. has been an important source of power in all maintenance, repair and service processes of the city by supplying vehicles, construction equipment and manpower to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. for the future, the company aims to become one of the leading companies in the country in terms of energy and especially sustainable energy.

Another goal of BELKA Inc., which takes action with the aim of signing projects that will make a difference in the solution of the energy issues of the capital, is to make technological innovations available to the public at every point of our municipality. With this in mind, BELKA Inc. continues its meetings with many professional names who are academicians in technology and who are decision makers in technology in different sectors.


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