Cooperations in Battery Packaging 1

Project Goal

Today, in terms of energy storage and battery and battery packaging, which is an important and strategic element in terms of electric vehicles, foreign companies have come into contact with our Company for joint production in Ankara. Negotiations are under way on the joint production of battery packs, which will be used as storage power in energy systems and as a power source for public transportation, with BELKA Inc. and the related company in Ankara ABB facilities.

Benefits of Project

It is aimed to provide a source of income to ABB by gaining the ability to produce advanced technology through ABB’s BELKA Inc., first of all to its own needs and then to sales and marketing.

Content of Project

One of the ateliers within Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will be reserved for this purpose and with the partnership to be established between the foreign company and BELKA Inc., the cells coming from abroad will be packed and ready for use in this facility. These packaged power supplies will be co-marketed as power supplies for electric vehicles for storage in power plants, which become mandatory as legislation. This partnership will be for both domestic and foreign markets. With the new company to be established, high technology products will be made and presented to the world market.

Final Situation

International cooperation, representation or cooperation activities are also in progress. Through the new partner company or agency established with BELKA Inc. energy storage, battery packaging, electric vehicles.

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