BELKA Inc. and Technology Projects 1

Project Goal

Giving priority to investment in technological projects in order to use the resources of our Municipality effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Project

The ability of BELKA Inc. to reach these developments through the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by making maximum use of technological opportunities.

Content of Project

Collaboration with relevant universities, NGO’s and subject experts on technological projects, rural development, environment, renewable energy, urban welfare.

Final Situation

Contacts for technological projects have started and domestic and foreign sources and individuals have been contacted.

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İhale Duyurusu

592 Adet Araç Kasko Sigortası ve 155 Adet İş Makinesi Makine Kırılma Sigortası Yaptırılması Hizmet Alım İşi İhalesi

30.04.2024 - 14:00