Meeting the Electricity Needs of ASKI with BELKA Inc. 1

Projects Goal

Realization of the Esik HEPP project on the Gerede-Camlidere transmission line, which will supply drinking water to Ankara, for the electricity need of ASKI.

Benefits of Project

To present an energy solution to the people of Ankara in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and long-term economy. The plant, which will have an installed capacity of 20.94 MW, is planned to generate approximately 41.06 GWh of energy annually. It is planned to generate approximately $3 million in electricity annually with a total project cost of $23 million.

Content of Project

Launching of BELKA Inc.’s efforts to increase the use of renewable energy.

Final Situation

The Board of Directors was held on 28.08.2019 and the General Assembly was held on 10.09.2019 in order to produce electricity through BELKA Inc., and the amendment was made upon obtaining the power generation authority of the existing company articles of association. Then, on 25.09.2019, the Production Connection Application was made to the Directorate of Investment Monitoring and Coordination of the Governorship of Ankara and to the Directorate of the National Real Estate Department.

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