Establishment of Geothermal Facilities 1

Project Goal

Uncovering the full potential of Ankara’s geothermal power and bringing it to our country as an energy source based on both tourism and health and capacity analysis.

Benefits of Project

By utilizing the inefficient geothermal potential of our capital, attractive infrastructure and incentive systems will be established for investors and the competition will be utilized in a positive way by taking into account the regional characteristics.

Content of Project

Ankara is a city with high potential as geothermal energy. In the present case, however, it is personal and disorganized. A general projection will be prepared on the basis of districts to prevent wasting of resources and to prioritize the water characteristics and geographical structure of each region.

Final Situation

The project is still under preparation.

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İhale Duyurusu

592 Adet Araç Kasko Sigortası ve 155 Adet İş Makinesi Makine Kırılma Sigortası Yaptırılması Hizmet Alım İşi İhalesi

30.04.2024 - 14:00