On 04.12.2019 Mr. Kevin Hooker, Managing Director of the Douglas Winters Company, and Ipek Alparslan, Trade Consultant of the British Embassy, visited BELKA AS. Following previous interviews with Mr. Kevin Hooker, an expert in the field of renewable energy and finance, detailed information and documentation on current projects was exchanged for a period of approximately 5 hours following the preliminary studies. As a result of the interviews;

Completion of the loan activities to finance the ESIK Hydropower Project by the end of the year and completion by the end of January 2020; It was decided to evaluate the projects of Tatlar Waste Water Treatment, provided by BELKA A.Ş. as a financing and strategic partnership, and installation of Solar Energy System for village houses as a package. Also, biomass and biogas projects are modularly implemented depending on the population.

He showed great interest in the projects of BELKA. Mr. Kevin Hooker stated that he was ready to cooperate with us and that the cooperation with Esik Hydropower Project would initiate the project-specific financial system for other projects. At the end of the meeting for positive and concrete objectives, the cooperation agreement was recently signed and it was decided to document the cooperation.

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