Increasing the Capacity of ABB Wastewater Plants and Utilizing More Efficiently 1

Project Goal

To be able to provide purifying services to the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara with the capacity to meet the growing population of the growing city and increasing infrastructure needs and to minimize the wastes in the existing system.

Benefits of Project

To meet the growing need of wastewater treatment in Ankara and to serve the environment, human health and future generations for a longer period of time.

Content of Project

Increasing the capacity of wastewater facilities and cooperating internationally for the solution of financial issues.

Final Situation

With the authority of China’s largest private investment firm, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality wastewater facilities were visited. The campus was examined and discussed how to increase capacity and finance. We discussed how to convert the waste into a value-added facility. The company official informed the Chinese government that it could be financed under the Silk Road Project. The coming months will come to Turkey again firms which will be made official with recent situation analysis.

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