Infrastructure and Finance for Rail Systems 1

Project Goal

To get faster results by acting with international cooperation in infrastructure works and financial needs of the rail systems offered by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to the public.

Benefits of Project

It is planned to develop and implement rail systems and to make it an attractive public transportation option for the citizen. Thus, for the people of Ankara; to make it a clean and livable city by minimizing the use of private vehicles by offering a modern, clean and accessible public transport option.

Content of Project

Especially, several state and private firms from China, State Banks and Ankara have started preliminary discussions on infrastructure, vehicles and signaling for the intense use of rail systems for public transportation in Ankara. Depending on the outcome of these negotiations, the project will be started with the aim of implementation on the routes where there is a high density of passengers.

Final Situation

Negotiations with overseas companies are continuing as a pilot application for the operation of tramways on several routes. When the results of the ongoing negotiations in the form of financing and technology transfer are obtained; Detailed studies will continue on Bentderesi-Ulus-Kazım Karabekir-Opera line or other similar lines.

Negotiations have been initiated with several foreign companies that aspire for this cooperation and feasibility studies are continuing on a sample route. In particular, if an agreement can be reached on the financial system, implementation will be initiated with the first and pilot route selected.

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