Social Responsibility 1

We know that social responsibility is the most valuable material and moral investment in the future.

For this reason, we work with the vision of creating a nested structure where each social responsibility project we target under the headings of “young people and children”, “environment and energy”, “society and culture abil can contribute to each other.

Some of Our Social Responsibility Projects :

  • Establishing practical learning and working summer camps, such as planting trees, vocational workshops, for university students in need of financial assistance during summer holidays. Granting scholarships to students participating in this training and study environment.
  • Teaching the use of tools and machinery to unqualified young people to gain professional skills.
  • Organizing training and awareness workshops for elementary school students on environmental and energy issues in cooperation with universities.
    Social Responsibility 2
  • Providing mobile library and book rental service to the villages by activating five minibuses that are not in use in the existing machinery park, and collecting the requests to be sent to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in order to identify problems in the villages and initiate the necessary works with these vehicles.
  • In the evenings and on weekends, the areas where the university youth are dense and which do not require a lot of expense are brought into the gathering, entertainment and festival / festival area. Converting the idle areas in other similar areas of Ankara into social areas at a low cost and cooperating with the universities nearby.

Social Responsibility Projects for University Youth

Project Goal

Firstly, it has started to make contacts with Ankara universities for technological projects and considering the efficient and efficient use of its resources by the Municipality; In order to realize the aims and objectives of our municipality, the university continues to increase contacts with the NGOs, including technological projects, rural development, environment, renewable energy, urban welfare and projects and collaborations aimed at university youth in our city.

To ensure the participation of young people in urban activities by benefiting from university youth during summer holidays in tree planting projects, maintenance and repair workshops or in statistical projects for rural areas or in the information and analysis required from the field.

In addition, the empty and ready space used as a parking garage under the Fatih Bridge, in cooperation with AU, makes it a social life, entertainment, exhibition, sales and event space, saving young people from being sentenced to shopping centers or city center in the evening and at the weekend. find similar areas that do not require much financial burden and put them into the service of youth.

Benefits of Project

The youth of the university will earn money for 2-3 months as well as the participation of the young population in the city activities and the scholarship allowance which is placed in the legal barriers. A participatory youth will be provided for city activities.

Content of Project

The university youth will work with the protocols of cooperation with the universities in tree planting projects, maintenance and repair workshops or statistical projects for rural areas or in the necessary information gathering and analysis from the field. For this study, the funds to be provided from public and / or EU sources and ABB budget; young people will be paid for 2-3 months. Thus, the participation of the young population in urban activities and scholarship allowance will be provided.

Final Situation

It is still under preparation.

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